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What our clients say about Stealth Sales

“As a leader, choosing to have Lori work with my sales reps always set them up for growth and development. While working one-on-one with my people Lori would customize her approach to meet the individual, the local market, and key needs. Encouraging the representative to own their own style while challenging them to specific growth areas. I always knew when Lori was done, I would get a thorough ‘boots on the ground’ report that helped me to continue supporting and developing the representative.
In addition, I also had the pleasure of attending several of Lori’s rep presentations. She was incredibly motivating while educating large groups of sales representatives and leaders. Lori does it with humor and real-world knowledge and expertise – what works and does not work in sales. She is a true corporate asset that gives salespeople a practical approach to building their territory and relationships. 5 Stars – Would eagerly work with again.”
Regional Sales Manager Fortune 500 Company
“Good teachers bring passion and lots of energy to their work. Lori is one of those teachers. In medical device sales, a highly competitive arena, Lori instills the right mindset in salespeople. She has worked with my sales team and provided successful sales tools and the right mentality time after time. My salespeople who have worked with her have a solid foundation for taking on their territory and maximizing their time in front of our customers.”

Regional Sales Director Fortune 500 Company

“Having experienced Lori’s success as a leader and former colleague we brought her into our organization to mentor and coach our sales teams.  She has this innate ability to connect with many different personalities, sales styles and brings out the best in people, especially in live customer facing meetings.  The experience continues to be one of the best we’ve experienced.”

Regional Sales Director Fortune 500 Company

“After finally breaking into the Medical Device industry, I had the pleasure of working with Lori as I stepped into my new sales territory. Lori’s knowledge of the sales process and extreme attention to detail were evident from the very first conversation. She did a tremendous job in helping to identify specific areas of improvement while pushing me to enhance areas of strength. Lori had fantastic recommendations for organizational methods which I have implemented and used daily ever since. Overall, Lori has a very strategic approach and I attribute much of my success to the guidance she was able to pass along through our time together. I would strongly recommend Lori’s expertise for anyone who is interested in growing as a sales professional and rising to the top of their sales leaderboards!”

Surgical Sales Representative Fortune 500 Company

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“I had the pleasure of meeting Lori early in my sales career. Lori trained me as a sales associate for a Fortune 500 medical device company.  With Lori’s coaching I was able to improve and focus on many strengths. This led me to becoming a better sales representative. Lori coached me to better understand the capital strategic selling process, Lori helped with organization strategy and ultimately helped show me the road to becoming a successful sales representative. With the help of Lori and her coaching, I was fortunate to be promoted to a head sales representative and ultimately win rep of the year.  I would not be where I am at today if it was not for Lori and her coaching!”

Surgical Sales Rep for Fortune 500 Company

“Lori’s passion for selling and building relationships is unmatched. Her presence, verbiage, and strategic mind helps perfect your pitch resulting in closing! Wouldn’t be the sales rep I am today without her direction.”

Surgical Sales Rep for Fortune 500 Company

“I have benefited tremendously from Lori’s sales coaching and mentoring. The phrase that stuck with me the most is “get comfortable being uncomfortable!” I repeat that to myself every time I go on a sales call. Lori is the best hype-woman in the business and because of her I was able to dig deep and recognize my true grit in a male dominated industry.”

Fortune 500 Surgical Sales Representative

“Lori prepped me for the medical device interview and painted a picture of what the daily life looked like to make sure I was ready. She engrained in me what it took to be top rep. In nine years, won Rookie of the Year and three President’s Clubs later, I know that all that I have accomplished would not have been possible without Lori. Her knowledge, passion and contagious energy lit a flame in me that continues to burn. After working with sales trainers, coaches and mentors with multiple Fortune 500 companies there is no one who compares to Lori. She changed the course of my career and my life and I cannot thank her enough.”

Surgical Sales Representative Fortune 500 Company

“I have known Lori Cornetta professionally for nearly 15 years. Her career has been nothing but stellar and full of amazing accomplishments. When Lori began to share her success and acumen for selling as a sales consultant the demand for her presence escalated. I have had Lori train several sales representatives over the past years and the success rate for those professionals is stunning. Her “customer first” approach and “stylish” methods have changed the game for many who have trained within her system. I always think of one fresh new graduate that was rough and very green. After training with Lori and utilizing her style his natural skills were cultivated and he has risen to the top of a large sales force.”


Regional Sales Manager Fortune 500 Company​

“Starting out a new career in sales, there have been definite challenges and obstacles that I have faced.  When I first met with Lori Cornetta, I was instantly put at ease because I came to appreciate the gravity and depth of her experience in the field.  She has an uncanny ability to hone in on a person’s strengths in order to provide them with valuable feedback and specific tools for their success.  Lori stands out in her field because she has an arsenal of her own trade secrets that, when utilized, translate into real results.  I was able to benefit from this firsthand.  I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to be in a sales or customer centric business reach out to Lori.  It’s certainly an investment with immeasurable return!”

Television Sales Account Executive

“Lori is an excellent communicator and she is extremely on top of things.  One session with her completely revitalized my game and got me all fired up.  She is motivational and at the same time completely honest.  She will tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong while pushing you forward towards a greater result.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their personal sales skills or communication skills.”


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