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Earn what you are worth

Stealth Sales Secrets

It’s not often that a fresh approach to a sales career hits the market, but that’s exactly what 
Stealth Sales Secrets offers. Written specifically for women, this book lays out a smart and sassy approach to sales that shows women how to earn what they’re worth in their sales career.

Follow Lori MacGregor Cornetta’s sales career path as she bursts through boundaries and breaks the glass ceiling to earn a six-figure income that was once reserved for her male counterparts. 

Now, other women can do the same.

Lori Guides You to Reach High for Want You Want

Using Lori’s “stealth” modes in all components of the sales cycle, you’ll learn the attitudes and actions that will help you get the sales job of your dreams and become a high-earner and high-achiever in that position. With her never-settle-for-less drive, Lori guides you to reach high for want you want in your life and your career.  

“For over 15 years I have known Lori and watched her professionally coach and motivate our company’s salespeople to surpass their goals. Using humor and a firm guiding hand, she steers salespeople to success. I’ve seen her help both the individual and our organization soar to higher productivity and increased earnings. Lori gets results.”

– Greg Roche, Global President – Robotics and Technology – Zimmer Biomet

Work with Me

Regardless of your experience, I’m ready to help you get to the next level through individualized coaching.

As an experienced Stealth Sales coach and mentor, I have the skills to uncover your unique style and determine your specific needs for success. I’ll further enhance your effectiveness by providing encouraging feedback and a personalized action plan to lift you up to your highest potential. The stealthy tools I’ve developed and used throughout my sales career are applied through coaching and solid, real-life examples to underscore the stealth message. Identifying what factors are getting in the way of sales greatness and increasing your effectiveness in front of the customer are paramount to my coaching. Through Stealth Sales one-on-one coaching, you’ll fast-forward your learning curve and obtain new tools to use daily to crush your sales goals.

If you are a sales leader or business executive looking for someone to speak to your group or organization who understands what it takes to thrive in the challenging world of sales, you’ve found her. As a presenter, I know how to relate, motivate and super charge any group to new heights.

Let me help you get to that pot of gold at the end of your very own Stealth Sales Rainbow!

Solutions that drive results & develop your competitive advantage.