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About Stealth Sales

greater Profits & Success

Stealth Sales, led by award-winning sales coach Lori Cornetta, provides powerful strategic tools through sales coaching and sales training for people who are passionate about taking their current sales performance to a higher level of success. Lori’s years of high-level sales and marketing have provided her with the right techniques to teach and coach any driven sales person.

Our innovative sales solutions are both practical and results oriented. We will take your sales numbers from good to great! At a Fortune 500 medical device company, sales reps who were coached by Lori billed 30% more than their counterparts.

Lori’s personalized strategic sales approach is positive, upbeat and right on target. Sales professionals who utilize her coaching learn skills for life and increase their earnings.


Overcome Roadblocks

We help organizations and individuals successfully and confidently tackle those roadblocks that get in the way of peak sales performance.

  • Barriers can include missing subtle cues from customer, handling objections, prioritization, negotiation, and getting out of a sales rut.
  • Once barriers are identified and removed, your sales people will increase their profitability.
  • Past nonproductive sales habits will be gone for good.
  • Award winning sales strategies will be implemented immediately.
  • Confidence in these winning sales skills will bring productive results benefiting your sales organization, your sales representative and ultimately your customer.

When the Numbers Don’t Match the Performance

Your organization may be challenged by inexperienced sales reps working very hard, but not working smart.  We have coached new or seasoned sales people who have been frustrated in their career because their numbers don’t match their effort.  We can take that individual and implement changes that will contribute to greater success in sales.  We have accomplished this with many sales people.  It will completely change their approach and make them more effective in front of customers.

Sales Rhythm Instead of Sales Rut

Even seasoned sales professionals can fall into an unproductive sales rut. Helping sales people push through those unproductive times takes a trained objective approach. Recognizing the rut and learning techniques to stop from falling into one are topics that award-winning sales coach and strategist Lori Cornetta has addressed in lectures and group presentations. Lori can share tools and skills with your team to help them identify and get out of a sales rut and instead build on their sales rhythm.

Our Values

  • Adaptability We read the sales situation and turn it into a productive outcome. Highlighting several approaches in a variety of sales scenarios helps sales teams understand how to adapt their strategies to different circumstances.
  • Motivation We are passionate about what we do – motivating and firing up your sales team.
  • Perceptiveness We identify what is getting in someone’s way and impeding their success in sales.
  • Persistence We value persistence in every aspect of our company. We live it and teach it.
  • Winning Creating a win/win outcome in the sales call for the customer and sales professional.
  • Humor When teaching sales teams, we mix in humor to deliver the messages in a relaxed and productive atmosphere.
  • Uniqueness We coach sales professionals how to set themselves apart from the competition.

Solutions that drive results & develop your competitive advantage.